Canadian Border Jumpers

No one cares about the common Canadian Border Jumper, we dont even have fences up there to keep them out, and now theyre taking our JOBS and making us say Aboot ay!


Great timing!

LOL I love when this happens!



These are pictures taken in Alexandria.... Egypt, where it doesn't generally snow, ever. Considering the global weather patterns & events of the past couple of years; earthquakes, tsunamis, record-setting feet of snow and inches of rain; how is there anyone out there who is not convinced that we've fucked something up with global warming? In my opinion, and i'm no weatherman but, we're all fucking screwed by the end of the year, the world is gonna eat us all up LOL.


Kids these days...

i woke up this morning/got in the shower/wrote a shitty song & released it in an hour/now im crying/cuz i caught myself trying/to make good music/that doesn't make you sick/but you aint no therapist/so listening will feel like your growing a cyst/in your ear/but have no fear/cuz Drake's next album is here!

Thank me now or later, i just leaked the lyrics to Drake's next album, itll be tantamount in the ensuing ruin of hip hop as we know it!



Some people like sports photography, i personally like to steal the souls of DJs, so here are a few videos of some festivals that i've been to. This first one is from a Richie Hawtin performing at Winter Music Conference.

A Dubfire - Loco Dice b2b set with some interesting developments.

And this is Francesco Tristano performing live in Detroit.



BREAKING NEWS: turns out Herman Cain's been screwing himself all along


Conspiracy Theories

It seems only fitting that just at the time when America is silencing its own revolution, Egypt is fighting ever-harder for theres. So it would only be fitting for Time magazine to run an article about Xanax and NOT WORRYING SO MUCH rather than what they ran the rest of the world over, which was a message to FIGHT your government if you dont think its working for you. I think this should be a message about the underhanded tactics of the past that will no longer work in the digital age.