Black Friday Like an Egyptian

Forgot to post this little gem i made on Black Friday. I think that 'holiday' is the most ridiculous thing about this country.


It seems that everyone whose made it somewhere has had some hard-ass teacher that has told them theyd never amount to anything. Maybe we should employ one of these ignorant and oppressive teachers in each school and increase our childrens chances of success. Success should be measured by how many teachers have told you that your failures and misgivings won't get you anywhere, multiplied by seven.


Advice on Who to Vote For.

Campimpin' Ain't Easy

What worries me the most are the republicans who are close enough to the middle to have voted for Obama in the last election out of fear of being racist, because now they have their own black republican candidate, except one who can't tell foreign policy from a sexual harassment policy. And a woman who can't even write, or read, her own speeches.


Desecrating Art

This is a work of art, just like the videos of my fellow protestors who were spray painted with habanero peppers, and this guy is just going around desecrating everything!?

Monumental Laws

Just for the record, sliding down the Lincoln Memorial is fun, which is probably why its illegal!


Consumer Warranties

if Kris Humphries is looking for commitment, i think the Fleshlight has a longer warranty than his marriage did.