Some people like sports photography, i personally like to steal the souls of DJs, so here are a few videos of some festivals that i've been to. This first one is from a Richie Hawtin performing at Winter Music Conference.

A Dubfire - Loco Dice b2b set with some interesting developments.

And this is Francesco Tristano performing live in Detroit.



BREAKING NEWS: turns out Herman Cain's been screwing himself all along


Conspiracy Theories

It seems only fitting that just at the time when America is silencing its own revolution, Egypt is fighting ever-harder for theres. So it would only be fitting for Time magazine to run an article about Xanax and NOT WORRYING SO MUCH rather than what they ran the rest of the world over, which was a message to FIGHT your government if you dont think its working for you. I think this should be a message about the underhanded tactics of the past that will no longer work in the digital age.


Black Friday Like an Egyptian

Forgot to post this little gem i made on Black Friday. I think that 'holiday' is the most ridiculous thing about this country.


It seems that everyone whose made it somewhere has had some hard-ass teacher that has told them theyd never amount to anything. Maybe we should employ one of these ignorant and oppressive teachers in each school and increase our childrens chances of success. Success should be measured by how many teachers have told you that your failures and misgivings won't get you anywhere, multiplied by seven.


Advice on Who to Vote For.

Campimpin' Ain't Easy

What worries me the most are the republicans who are close enough to the middle to have voted for Obama in the last election out of fear of being racist, because now they have their own black republican candidate, except one who can't tell foreign policy from a sexual harassment policy. And a woman who can't even write, or read, her own speeches.


Desecrating Art

This is a work of art, just like the videos of my fellow protestors who were spray painted with habanero peppers, and this guy is just going around desecrating everything!?

Monumental Laws

Just for the record, sliding down the Lincoln Memorial is fun, which is probably why its illegal!


Consumer Warranties

if Kris Humphries is looking for commitment, i think the Fleshlight has a longer warranty than his marriage did.


Law & Order SVU

theres nothing sadder and more disturbing than having to watch an episode of Law & Order SVU loosely based on the strange sexual fetishes of your child.


Books & Me

i read and absorb a lot of literature; you can learn quite a bit from books, magazine articles and comic strips; but when i read fiction i feel like my mind is being exposed to some new psychological profiles which i can find within my own personality. Unfortunately, my favorite main characters are narcissistic psychopaths with multiple personalities.


sometimes, i like to turn on the news, close my eyes and imagine that obama dresses up like batman and leads all the missions against bad guys in a cape


Down & Out

Drinking coffee and beer is like speedballing for the down & out.
what an accurate depiction, i think i bought a $5000 car for $500 from this guy!


Reality Television

Im gonna pitch a new reality show to Lifetime called "Ho Is Where The
Heart Is" thatll be a cross of Real Housewives, Judge Judy & Dr. Oz,
but will be all about celebrity divorces and custody battles.


Everything I Like...

Truer words were never spoken.

Food Supplements

Smoothies are an excellent nutritional supplement for cokeheads, substituting water for food, just like a girl who has to blow her unattractve boyfriend will close her eyes and listen to a song by Drake.<br>
Not a Not Caring original, but originally hilarious & true


Amanda Knox Didn't Do It

Really though, America is on the forefront of racial eradication.

Kim & Kris' Krazy Wedding

While you all sat and watched Kim & Kris walk the aisle last night, the American equivalent of a wedding of royalty, i chose to pop in a family video remember Kim Kardashian in her best and most common role of being a bicycle for up-and-coming black entertainers.


I used to believe there was order in this world, that reasonable people were in command and steering the advancement of industry in the proper direction, but then I found out that assortment of ringed goodness found in Multi-Grain Cheerios® are no more equal than the perfect woman's breasts. I've just been getting high and trying to cope ever since.<br class="khtml-block-placeholder">


If movies from the 70s have taught us anything its that all buildings are ventilated well enough to smoke weed in the bathrooms. All of them.<br class="khtml-block-placeholder">


I don't believe in the "Life isn't Fair" principle; if life wasn't fair we wouldn't all be homeless, we'd be at the bottom of the food chain.


Getting off probation is a lot like turning the legal drinking age, nothing really changes in your lifestyle, but you just can't get in as much trouble when you do get caught anymore, I guess that's what they call maturing.<br>