Law & Order SVU

theres nothing sadder and more disturbing than having to watch an episode of Law & Order SVU loosely based on the strange sexual fetishes of your child.


Books & Me

i read and absorb a lot of literature; you can learn quite a bit from books, magazine articles and comic strips; but when i read fiction i feel like my mind is being exposed to some new psychological profiles which i can find within my own personality. Unfortunately, my favorite main characters are narcissistic psychopaths with multiple personalities.


sometimes, i like to turn on the news, close my eyes and imagine that obama dresses up like batman and leads all the missions against bad guys in a cape


Down & Out

Drinking coffee and beer is like speedballing for the down & out.
what an accurate depiction, i think i bought a $5000 car for $500 from this guy!


Reality Television

Im gonna pitch a new reality show to Lifetime called "Ho Is Where The
Heart Is" thatll be a cross of Real Housewives, Judge Judy & Dr. Oz,
but will be all about celebrity divorces and custody battles.


Everything I Like...

Truer words were never spoken.

Food Supplements

Smoothies are an excellent nutritional supplement for cokeheads, substituting water for food, just like a girl who has to blow her unattractve boyfriend will close her eyes and listen to a song by Drake.<br>
Not a Not Caring original, but originally hilarious & true


Amanda Knox Didn't Do It

Really though, America is on the forefront of racial eradication.

Kim & Kris' Krazy Wedding

While you all sat and watched Kim & Kris walk the aisle last night, the American equivalent of a wedding of royalty, i chose to pop in a family video remember Kim Kardashian in her best and most common role of being a bicycle for up-and-coming black entertainers.